Bug on dom-helpers module.

Today, I tried to build a small project with ReactJS, using Material-UI framework and webpack. But when I try to run the build command, it showed this error message:

ERROR in ../node_modules/react-transition-group/esm/CSSTransition.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'dom-helpers/addClass' in '.../node_modules/react-transition-group/esm'
 @ ../node_modules/react-transition-group/esm/CSSTransition.js 5:0-47 13:11-22

It’s not comfortable with me, because I know there is a conflict in version of dom-helpers. After checked, I realized Material-UI has react-transition-group dependency of dom-helpers “5.1.3”, and there are other modules, which is using lower version of docker-helpers.

So I fix that bug like this:

  1. Install fake package dom-helpers@5.1.4 accessible with other name
    "dom-helpers5": "npm:dom-helpers@5.1.4"
  2. Add alias in projects’s webpack for accessing dom-helpers
    resolve: { ... alias: { 'dom-helpers': 'dom-helpers5' } },
  3. Rebuild again. And, booom. It worked like charm.

Hope above solution could help you also.